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How Can Shrewbury Learning Experts Help?

The staff at Shrewsbury Learning Experts are education professionals who are well-versed in different areas of study. Our private tutoring in Massachusetts will provide your child with the resources they need to succeed in a particular topic and tools that can be used in their education for years to come.

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These exams are utilized by colleges, universities, and private schools to assess a student’s ability to comprehend and demonstrate their knowledge of many school subjects. Our team can help your child prepare for these exams, reduce stress, and are guaranteed to increase their scores.

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By offering high school students a comprehensive college admissions counseling package, Shrewsbury Learning Experts will be there to support them every step of the way. Complete these complex and challenging college tasks with the help of professionals who know what colleges are looking for.

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One of the many passions of Director Maryellen Brunyak is special education tutoring, consulting, and advocacy in Massachusetts. She will work side by side with parents to ensure their child is evaluated and receiving the specialized education they need in and outside of school.

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Director Maryellen Brunyak helps students by utilizing the tremendous resources she gained as a graduate at Harvard University School of Education. One element of these resources includes the many benefits iPad applications give students on the autism spectrum through visual learning and communication.

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Why A Customized Learning Plan Works

It’s difficult to figure out what you can do when you have a child that struggles with learning. Sometimes, it feels like you have no idea where to turn and which steps will make a real difference w

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Four Ways To Organize SAT Prep

When you first hear about it, the SAT seems to be one of the most daunting tests you’ll ever encounter. Parents feel that anxiety, too: they want their child to succeed, perform well, and feel confi

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Four Things That Indicate A Need For Private Tutoring

Education is fundamental to everything we do. Whatever path you choose, there’s no doubting that school has to be part of the process. So, when someone struggles with learning, it can be difficult a

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