Ways to Keep Your Child Productive this Summer

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Ways to Keep Your Child Productive this Summer

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Ways to Keep Your Child Productive this Summer

We’ve talked in the past about how important it is to keep your child engaged during these long summer months outside of school, but some parents might find it difficult to find activities that stimulate and entertain them. As a private tutoring service in Massachusetts, Shrewsbury Learning Experts knows how frustrating this can be, and we have a few suggestions to keep your child productive!

Stimulating games

There are plenty of mindless games out there, but we can’t help but think about some of the practical alternatives you can play! Word-based games like Scrabble or critical thinking games like Brain Quest keep your kids engaged while you have fun.


Turn off the television for a few hours a day and have your children focus on some great books. Not only are they expanding their imagination, but they are also improving their reading and comprehension abilities far more than you’d think!

Educational technology

We don’t want your child to be in front of a screen all day, but teaching apps are an awesome solution to those kids who enjoy their time on a tablet! You’d be surprised how fun these games can be while teaching your child their numbers, letters, and shapes!

Private tutoring

There is nothing wrong with a little tutoring during the summer, especially for parents who might fear their child is falling behind. Our team of professionals is trained and prepared to help any child reach their fullest potential through comprehensive tutoring.

Finding the right private tutoring service near you is easy when you have Shrewsbury Learning Experts close by! We will work with you to determine exactly what your child needs to succeed and make the most of their summer at home.

With more questions about our private tutoring services, please contact our experts today at (508) 845-0000.

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