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Special Education Consulting & Advocacy

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The struggles your child is facing in school might raise concern for a learning disability. Your worries are valid, but your child’s needs can be met and ultimately help them succeed. Learning disabilities present themselves in various ways, and the formula that works for one student might not work for another. Our Director, Maryellen, works tirelessly with our parents to consult the needs and delivery of their child’s special education. By being a partner in this journey with you and assisting in understanding laws surrounding special education, you will rest well knowing there is an expert on your side.

On top of attending IEP and 504 meetings with you, Maryellen gladly guides you through this process as you adapt to your child’s learning objectives as they progress through different stages of schooling.

You will never feel alone when you work with us.

Requesting the IDEA Evaluation – PDF Resource

IDEA Evaluation Request – Sample Letter

Permission for Educational Involvement for Child Over 18 – Sample Letter

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