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Is Your Child Ready for School?

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Is Your Child Ready for School?

The first day of school is around the corner and students, teachers and parents are enjoying those last lazy days of summer, but each person is making a list in her head about what needs to be done before school starts!

Many students are concentrating on buying new clothes to start the year, school supplies that may include a new backpack, but they are also likely to be getting more anxious about how challenging those new classes will be, and being able to fit into a social group – someone to sit with at lunch!

Anxiety will sink the best-planned strategy for beginning the school year. At Shrewsbury Learning Experts, we “pre-teach” subjects that may have caused difficulty in the past. This tutoring will reduce anxiety around certain classes and boost confidence, which is an essential ingredient for success in school. Our students know that we are always here to help in any subject or with any school issue, so with one phone call, panic is averted.

Parents often worry when a student comes home in a panic – the teacher is too hard, the material is too difficult, my friends barely noticed me. These are normal feelings in adolescence, but parent and student rarely see the situation with the same intensity or concern. All of the staff at Shrewsbury Learning Experts knows how to help a student with worries that are very serious to the student, something parents and students end up fighting over. More stress!  Pick up the phone and call us at Shrewsbury Learning Experts because we can help your child talk herself down from panic and realize that every student is feeling the same way. They will be in a routine that is predictable within a week’s time.

So, don’t put yourself and your child through unnecessary worry and stress. Take yourself out of the picture and let us at Shrewsbury Learning Experts use our expertise and calming strategies to set your child back on track!  Have a cup of tea and expect your child will have less worry and more enthusiasm about school without you having to say a word!

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